I can’t sleep at all. Why am I still up. Ugh. 😢😭😠😡😴

Go see this movie. #thumbsup #takenwho #progressnotperfection

Haircut. Feeling fresh and fly. Cool and clean. #conceited #haha #royalrazor

Very first IPL. It’s made by Magic hat. Pretty taste. I’d give it a solid 3 out of 5.

Shots from lastnight. The show was amazing. @cagetheelephant and @theblackkeys did a fantastic job. Great show great set. #verizoncenter #tour

The are live right now. Come on BK let us get a encore. #theblackkeys @theblackkeys (at The Verizon Center)

Black keys. Good seats Dave. !!! #verizon center

Dinner before the black keys concert. #elcamino (at District ChopHouse & Brewery)


"He found me and my son on New Year’s Eve, sleeping in a construction site. We’d been forced out on the street after my husband abandoned us. He said: ‘You shouldn’t live like this, come home with me.’ He let us live with him for months, and he never asked me for a thing, and he very good to my son. Sometimes I’d come home and find him carrying my son on his shoulders. After a few months, we developed romantic feelings for each other."

(Ho Chi Minh City / Saigon, Vietnam)

This guy is the real MVP

Lemon cello IPA. Full hoppy flavor with a lemon finish. Great summer drink. #wob #beer #craftbeer